Parish Hall Reservation

Please check the parish calendar to ensure your event does not conflict with another before reading through the list of requirements below and confirming your agreement to abide by them.

"I understand that I am responsible for:

  1. Ensuring that all food preparation is done in the kitchen (not on hall tables).
  2. Cleaning the kitchen including the stove, counters and any dishes or utensils used. No dirty dishes or utensils are to be left in the kitchen sink. Turn on dishwasher if used; if using the coffee pot, cleaning it and ensuring it is turned off.Hanging decorations using painter's tape (scotch tape is prohibited!) or items that will not remove paint or mar furniture, walls, etc.
  3. Picking up food items dropped on the floor and vacuuming the carpet.
  4. Ensuring that all large food spills are cleaned as soon as they happen to minimize stains and trip hazards.
  5. Ensuring that furniture is used appropriately and protected from damage. For example, tables should be protected with waterproof materials if paints or markers are being used.
  6. Wiping down all tables.
  7. Tying up all trash bags and placing them in appropriate trash cans in the back of the church.
  8. Moving furniture back to its appropriate place.
  9. Removing decorations and disposing.
  10. Notifying Father Gregory and/or Cal Oren immediately of any breakage, problems with heating/cooling/ appliances, plumbing problems such as leaks, or clogs -- sinks or toilets, or any other facility problems.
  11. Turning off all lights, ovens and stoves before leaving (Remember the coffee pot!).
  12. Locking and ensuring that the church building is secure."