Parish Council

The Parish Council is composed of lay leaders, half of whom are elected from the Parish as a whole, and half of whom are appointed by the Pastor. Normal length of service for members is three years. Elections are held during the annual Parish meeting the last Saturday in January. Within the Council, oversight and coordination for various Parish ministries is distributed annually to various council members.

Council meetings are held monthly, with occasional additional meetings when circumstances dictate. Also, the Council periodically takes a half day or full day as a retreat, to focus on the overall direction and goals for the Parish. Typical Council meetings include:

  • Review of the Parish financial statements for the previous month.
  • Review and approval of various requests for funding outside the annual approved budget.
  • Review of the Parish calendar for the upcoming three to four month period.
  • Planning for upcoming special events and programs.
  • Reports by Council members on current activities within their areas of responsibility.

Council meetings are open to all members of the Parish. Any Parish member wishing to bring a matter before the Council is requested to communicate the substance of their concern in advance to the Council chairperson, so that adequate provision can be made in the agenda to review, discuss, and take any necessary action on the matter.