Cajun Country Dinner:
Show Louisiana Some Love!

Last month, the city and surrounding areas of Baton Rouge were inundated by a massive flood. An estimated 100,000 homes were destroyed, many of which were irrecoverable and uninsured because of their location outside the thousand-year flood zone. Sadly, this tragedy has received little media attention and, therefore, little financial support for the newly homeless: many of us only learned about it through the firsthand experiences of Rod Dreher, writer and friend of this parish.

Of course, we want to help, and we know you do, too! So we're planning a fundraising dinner at 6:00pm on November 6th at St. Christopher's Episcopal Church in Linthicum. There will be Cajun food and beer, door prizes, and live zydeco music from local favorite The Crawdaddies. Suggested donation is $30 per adult; childcare will be provided at Holy Cross for a suggested donation of $15 per child.

All donations will go directly to flood victims via IOCC who is active in the area. Thank you for your support!

To donate via check, please put "Louisiana Flood" in the memo field and place in the offering basket.