Time, Talent & Treasure 2015

Stewardship Commitment Sunday will be October 11, 2015. The pledges and tithes made will be for the 2016 calendar year. Please have your Time, Talent & Treasure forms filled out and ready to bring forward during the Liturgy on the 11th. Please sign both the left and right portions of the form, as the form is split and the two sections go to different ministry participants for processing.

Letter from Fr. Gregory

September 2015

Beloved in Christ,

My Grandmother told me to always “count your blessings.” Probably yours did, too. No advanced degree in theology is needed to know and understand the importance of this idea! As Eucharistic (from the Greek, meaning “giving thanks”) people, we gather weekly to give thanks to God the Father through the Son in the Holy Spirit, praising the Divine Persons, and sharing in the Chalice of Life. We acknowledge our total dependence on God, Who pours out blessings upon us beyond measure, and we are moved to respond.

Think now about God’s blessings in your life. First and foremost, consider that He first loved us into being (created us), and though now fallen and sinful, He saves and redeems us, and indeed, fills us with His Holy Spirit and lovingly continues to sustain and guide us. Every other blessing, wonderful though those blessings may be, pale in comparison! Even now, the Lord Himself is saving us!
How do we, as recipients of His unmeasured love and grace, respond? With our time, our talents and gifts, with our material possessions/treasure, indeed our whole lives? Does our response show real love for and thanksgiving to God?

You are invited now to pray and, before God, to consider that part of your response to God’s blessings that comprises church stewardship. Holding in your mind and heart what God has done and is doing for you, decide what form your response will take for this coming year. Please fill out this form in preparation for our annual Stewardship Sunday on October 11, when we will all have a chance to re- commit ourselves to God’s work in this place.

May the Lord of blessings continue to bless you and yours!

Fr. Gregory Mathewes-Green

Ministry Role Descriptions


Assist with Bookstore: Maintain bookstore inventory and finances, organize icon and book display

Building & Grounds

  • Building & Repair Skills: Provide handyman skills, make repairs around the building when needed
  • Gardening: Help with weeding, planting, watering, sweeping
  • Organize Kitchen & Parish Hall: Keep the kitchen, refrigerator, and parish hall organized and neat

Church School

  • Sunday School Assistant: Assist teachers in attending to needs of children and organizing classroom and materials
  • Sunday School Teacher: Teach on a rotation (or substitute as needed) using prepared curriculum
  • Vacation Church School: Teach or assist with one-week VCS program in late summer


  • Greeter: Greet people before and after services in the narthex, welcome and talk to new people
  • Host Hospitality Dinners: Host occasional social events for small groups of parishioners
  • Library
  • Organize Books: Keep the library organized and manage check-out/check-in of books


  • College Ministries: Provide refreshments for special events for UMBC OCF or Annapolis College Ministry
  • Guild of Blessed Olga: Knit, crochet, or sew items for the needy, in support of church ministries both locally and in Romania
  • Homeless Ministries: Assist with local homeless shelter during one week in December, or help provide a meal at the Community Recovery Center quarterly
  • Tract Rack: Keep pamphlets stocked and organized in the track rack

Parish Life

  • Lunch Clean-Up: On a rotation, help clean up the parish hall and wash dishes after Sunday lunch
  • Refreshments on Sunday: On a rotation, provide entree, dessert, or salad for 50 people for Sunday lunch/coffee hour
  • Special Event Volunteer: Assist with annual special events such as the Pascha feast, parish picnic, patronal feast, or Linthicum Fair

Pastoral Care

  • Visitation: Visit elderly or sick parishioners
  • Correspondence: Send letters or e-mail, conveying friendly greetings and parish contact information, to visitors who have signed the guest book


  • Altar Bread: Bake the holy bread (prosphora) for Divine Liturgy
  • Altar Care: Assist in cleaning the brass, dusting
  • Chanting: Chant at Vespers or Matins and participate in rehearsals
  • Choir: Sing at Liturgy and participate in rehearsals
  • Flower Arranging: Obtain and arrange flowers for feast days and other occasions
  • Lector: Read the Epistle during Divine Liturgy

Youth Ministries

  • Advisor/Meeting Facilitator: Facilitate youth meetings and activities
  • Event Chaperone: Chaperone at occasional youth retreats or special outings


Babysitter for Events: Babysit children during special events



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