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Dr. Pat Disharoon, Director

Dr. Pat Disharoon is the director of the Church School program. She has been active in Holy Cross ministries since its formation and was previously a member of both St. Matthew and St. Andrew OCA churches. She is an internist in primary care practice and is active also in Girl Scouting.

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Sunday School

All children three and older are invited to attend Sunday School immediately following Liturgy. The adults are asked to allow the children and teachers to venerate the Cross first, so they can get their lunch and take it to the Sunday School building for opening exercises. Middle and High School students should eat their food in the parish hall and not plan to eat their food in Father Gregory’s home during Sunday School.


Text taken from the Curriculum page of the Archdiocesan website.

The Antiochian Archdiocese uses a church school curriculum published by the Orthodox Christian Education Commission (OCEC). Visit the Curriculum page for a listing of titles by grade and instructions for ordering these books directly through the Antiochian Archdiocese. For a more in-depth description of these texts, please visit the website of OCEC at www.orthodoxed.org.

The basic curriculum, and supplemental programs are listed and described on the Curriculum page. The new supplement for the OCEC curriculum programs can be found on at the link above, including:

Curriculum Listing

The curriculum is published by the Orthodox Christian Education Commission. It consists of:

  • Preschool: The Wonder of It All, and God, My Friends, and Me
  • Kindergarten: Together With God
  • Grade 1: God Loves Me
  • Grade 2: New Life in Jesus and Making Things Right
  • Grade 3: New Life in the Church
  • Grade 4: Our Life in the Church
  • Grade 5:
  • Grade 6: In the Beginning
  • Middle School: The Young Church, Heroes for Truth, and Interim Curriculum Units
  • High School and Adult Ed: The Way, The Truth, and The Life and Interim Curriculum Units

Text descriptions can be found on the OCEC website, www.orthodoxed.org.



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