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Brotherhood of St. Joseph

The Patron Saint of the Brotherhood of Holy Cross Orthodox Church is St. Joseph, known among the Orthodox as “the Betrothed.”  St. Joseph, whose name means “increases,” was the husband of Mary, the Virgin Mother of our Lord.  By protecting Christ’s Holy Mother, our Patron ministered to the great mystery of God’s dispensation in the flesh.

Like Joseph, the Brotherhood of Holy Cross is committed to ministering to the great mysteries of the Orthodox Faith. We are committed to fostering Christian fellowship, learning and understanding the true perspective of the Gospels and the Fathers (especially regarding our roles, gifts, and responsibilities as men), and sharing the Good News with all people.

We welcome all new-comers to our monthly meetings, usually held on the third Saturday of each month.  Details of the meeting times can be found in the on the calendar of this website or in our weekly bulletin.

—Doug Ashworth , President

About Our Patron

StJosephChurch tradition holds that St. Joseph the Betrothed was about 80 years old when he was chosen by the temple priests to care for the young Virgin Mary. Recently widowed, St. Joseph took the Virgin to his home while he continued to work at his carpentry trade and discern which of his four sons he would betroth to her. But the Annunciation of Gabriel to the Virgin immediately following her entrance to St. Joseph's home caused his righteous heart to feel compassion and take her as his own betrothed.

St. Joseph lived until about 110 years old, never loosing his strength until the very end. Tradition from Apostolic times has it that before his death, Christ Himself heard the life confession of this saintly man and He praised St. Joseph who in turn confessed Christ as God:

…this day I most humbly reverence Thee and before Thy face I pour out my tears. Thou art altogether my God!

Having ended his earthly life, Jesus closed his father's eyes, embraced and wept over him and buried him in a royal sepulcher near Jerusalem. These events took place just prior to Christ's baptism by St. John the Forerunner. (Source)

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2015 Schedule

Discussion & Cooking Rotations
  Discussion Leader Cook
Jan Fr. Gregory Sd. Ephraim
Feb Garth O. Fr. Gregory
Mar -- --
April Ben A. Mike W.
May Mike W. Cal O.
June Peter P. Sd. John David
July Sd. Ephraim Warren H.
August Sd. John David Ben A.
Sept Cal O. Mike W.
Oct Sd. John David Kenneth T.
Nov Sd. John David Sd. Ephraim
Dec Warren H. Michael S.





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