Time, Talent & Treasure 2017

Stewardship Commitment Sunday will be October 15, 2017. The pledges and tithes made will be for the 2018 calendar year. Please have your Time, Talent & Treasure forms filled out and ready to bring forward during the Liturgy that morning. Please sign both the left and right portions of the form, as the form is split and the two sections go to different ministry participants for processing.

Letter from Fr. Gregory

September 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

“...forasmuch as He is good and loveth mankind.”

These familiar words conclude the priestly blessing at every Liturgy. How appropriate, and how very true it is! Sometimes the phrase (philanthropos in Greek original) is translated as “the lover of mankind”, or “the friend of Man.” Regardless, it describes in a short and beautiful phrase the most basic characteristic of our Creator’s stance or relationship toward us: He LOVES us! And that love has no end (no expiration date!) but is a ceaseless movement of self-giving love and blessing toward us.

How can we not respond? Sure, our response to God’s love will never be perfect, except in and through Christ Jesus. We are fallen and flawed. And yet the reality of His love can empower us to grow in the ability to love as He does. We can trust Him more and let go of the desire to over-control in an anxious, tight-fisted way. Certainly this applies to our stewardship of time, talent, and treasure. In his love, God gave us brains so that we can think and plan and, guided by Biblical values, make prudent judgments. But we do need to ask ourselves if we are using our brains to guide and give order to our loving response to God’s own love, OR are we allowing our anxiety and selfishness to determine our thinking, planning, and judging abilities so that love is blunted and cramped and not what it truly could be. Dearly beloved, let us love as Christ loves us! 

You are invited to use this Time, Talent, and Treasure Form as a means to respond to God’s love for you. Not the only means but a very important means because it reflects your present commitment to the local Body of Christ of which you are a part. Please pray about your commitment, seeking God’s will above all, and after filling out both parts (Time/ Talent and Treasure), please bring them to the Liturgy on Sunday, October 15.

May the Lord, Who “loveth mankind”, bless, keep, and lead us all!


Fr. Gregory Mathewes-Green

Ministry Role Descriptions

Building & Grounds

  • Building & Repair Skills: Provide handyman skills, make repairs around the building when needed
  •  Gardening: Help with weeding, planting, watering, sweeping
  • Organize Kitchen & Parish Hall: Keep the kitchen, refrigerator, and parish hall organized and neat

Church School

  • Sunday School Assistant: Assist teachers in attending to needs of children and organizing classroom and materials
  • Sunday School Teacher: Teach on a rotation (or substitute as needed) using prepared curriculum
  • Vacation Church School: Teach or assist with one-week VCS program in late summer


  • Organize Books: Keep the library organized and manage check-out/check-in of books


  •  College Ministries: Assist with special events for UMBC OCF
  • Guild of Blessed Olga: Knit, crochet, or sew items for the needy, in support of church ministries both locally and in Romania
  • Homeless Ministries: Assist with local homeless shelter during one week in December, or help provide a meal at the Community Recovery Center quarterly
  • Tract Rack: Keep pamphlets stocked and organized in the track rack

Parish Life

  • Lunch Clean-Up: On a rotation, help clean up the parish hall and wash dishes after Sunday lunch
  • Refreshments on Sunday: On a rotation, provide entree, dessert, or salad for 50 people for Sunday lunch/coffee hour
  • Special Event Volunteer: Assist with annual special events such as the Pascha feast, parish picnic, patronal feast, or Linthicum Fair

Pastoral Care

  • Correspondence: Send letters or e-mail, conveying friendly greetings and parish contact information, to visitors who have signed the guest book
  • Visitation: Visit elderly or sick parishioners


  • Altar Care: Assist in cleaning the brass, dusting
  • Altar Server: Boys 9 and older who have made first confession assist clergy at the altar during Divine Liturgy
  • Bake Altar Bread: Bake the prosphora (holy bread) for Divine Liturgy
  • Chanting: Chant at Vespers or Matins and participate in rehearsals
  • Choir: Sing at Liturgy and participate in rehearsals
  • Flower Arranging: Obtain and arrange flowers for feast days and other occasions
  • Lector: Read the Epistle during Divine Liturgy

Youth Ministries

  • Advisor/Meeting Facilitator: Facilitate youth meetings and activities
  • Event Chaperone: Chaperone at occasional youth retreats or special outings


  • Babysitter for Events: Babysit children during special events
  • Bookkeeper: Record financial giving, transactions
  • Phone Reminders: Make phone calls to remind parishioners of upcoming ministry assignments