Stewardship Schedule


October 19 - Akathist

  • Sub-Deacon:  John David

October 21 - Vespers     

  • Sub-Deacon: Daniel

October 22

  • Altar bread: C. Cole
  • Greeter: M. Mejias
  • Lector: M. Barkley
  • Altar Boys: D. Nee, C. Cole, G. Shermock
  • Entree: Sh. Jeanine, R. Hedges, C. Anhari
  • Salad/Bread: S. Shermock
  • Dessert: R. Hadden
  • Juice: E. Morozova
  • Clean-up: E & R Hadden, C. Syndall
  • Sub-Deacon: Daniel
  • Sunday School:  Sunday School: C. Oren, L. Nee, J. Barkley, C. Anhari, K. Anhari, Sd. John David, Monastery trip for M.S. & H.S.

October 24 - Vespers

  • Sub-Deacon: Daniel

October 26 - Akathist

  • Sub-Deacon: Daniel

October 28 - Vespers

  • Sub-Deacon: John David

October 29

  • Altar bread: J. Larue
  • Greeter: C. Oren
  • Lector: B. Anderson
  • Altar Boys: A. Rowe, J. Dorr, G. Gumport
  • Refreshments: Kh. Laura, entire meal
  • Juice: L. Hajiantoni
  • Clean-up: Sh. Jeanine, J. Østby, A. Tsegaye
  • Sub-Deacon: John David
  • Sunday School:  C. Oren, L. Nee, K & C Shaw, V. Marcum, W. Hedges, M. Barkley & N. Zolnerowich, G. Coogan, R. Ashworth

October 31 - Vespers

  • Sub-Deacon:  John David


November 2 - Paraklesis

  • Sub-Deacon: John David

November 4 - Vespers

  • Sub-Deacon: Daniel

November 5

  • Altar bread:  V. Marcum
  • Greeter:  E. Papp
  • Lector:  Sdn. John David
  • Altar Boys: P. Shaw, D. Nee, C. Cole
  • Entrees: R. Ashworth, K. Shaw, C. Cundiff
  • Salad/Bread: M. Mount
  • Dessert: K. Thomas
  • Juice: C. Oren
  • Clean-up: M. Maryon, D. Thomas, N. Østby
  • Sub-Deacon: Daniel
  • Sunday School:  C. Oren, L. Nee, K & C Shaw, V. Marcum, W. Hedges, E. Papp, A. Kegerreis, R. Ashworth

November 7 - Vespers

  • Sub-Deacon: Daniel

November 9 - Akathist

  • Sub-Deacon: Daniel

November 11 - Vespers

  • Sub-Deacon: John David

November 12: 

  • Altar bread: D. Thomas
  • Greeter: K. Shermock
  • Lector: Kh. Frederica
  • Altar Boys: G. Shermock, A. Rowe, J. Dorr
  • Entrees: E. Papp, K. LafleurVernet, J. Østby
  • Salad/Bread: B. Anderson
  • Dessert: D. Ogle
  • Juice: C. Cole
  • Clean-up: L. Kovacs, L. Nee, C. Cundiff
  • Sub-Deacon:  John David
  • Sunday School: C. Oren, A. Tsegaye, K & C Shaw, V. Marcum, W. Hedges, M. Barkley & N. Zolnerowich, A. Kegerreis, B. Abeye

Download the monthly Stewardship calendar (.pdf) or the Sunday School teacher schedule for the entire school year (.pdf).  Note that these are static copies and the information on this web-page should be considered to be more accurate, as it is updated whenever swaps are made.

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