Stewardship Schedule

  • June

    June 15:    Soul Saturday

    Altar bread: K. Shaw

    Altar Boys: G. Gumport, J. Becker, M. Sleeper

    Lector: K. Thomas

    Bagels: I. Sleeper



    Clean-up:  Sleeper family

    Sub-Deacon: Daniel

    June 15: Vigil

    Artos: E. Lowe

    Sub-Deacon: Michael

    June 16:

    Altar bread: R. Ashworth

    Greeter: M. Maryon

    Lector: L. Hulsey

    Altar Boys: P. Shaw, D. Nee, T. Walker

    Food: Father’s Day surprise

    Juice: C. Oren

    Clean-up: L. Kovacs, L. Hulsey, G. Metry

    Sub-Deacon: Michael, Daniel

    June 22: Vespers 

    Sub-Deacon: John David

    June 23:

    Altar bread: J. Larue

    Greeter: W. Hedges

    Lector: D. Thomas

    Altar Boys: A. Rowe, J. Dorr, T. Walker

    Entree: J. Rockwell, K. Shaw, C. Cundiff

    Salad/Bread:  A. Tsegaye

    Dessert: L. Kovacs

    Juice: C. Cole

    Clean-up: C. Cundiff, E. Papp, P. Saleeb

    Sub-Deacon: John David, Michael

    June 29: Vespers 

    Sub-Deacon: Daniel

    June 30:

    Altar bread: T. Peterson

    Greeter: C. Oren

    Lector: T. Peterson

    Altar Boys: E. Mount, I Peterson, G. Gumport

    Entree: E. Papp, S. Glassman, S. Mejias

    Salad/Bread: I. Waldron

    Dessert: C. Hines

    Juice: S. Shermock

    Clean-up: B. Gumport, Sh. Jeanine, A. Tsegaye

    Sub-Deacon: Daniel, John David

  • July

    July 6: Vespers

    Sub-Deacon: Michael

    July 7: 

    Altar bread: V. Marcum

    Greeter: E. Papp

    Lector: A. LaFleurVernet

    Altar Boys: J. Becker, P. Shaw, D. Nee

    Entrees: A. Rivera, G. Coogan, L. Beno

    Salad/Bread: B. Anderson

    Dessert: D. Ogle

    Juice: E. Morozova

    Clean-up: W. Sleeper, G. Metry, M. Maryon

    Sub-Deacon: Michael, Daniel

    July 13: Vespers

    Sub-Deacon: John David

    July 14: 

    Altar bread: D. Thomas

    Greeter: K. Shermock

    Lector: R. Hedges

    Altar Boys: M. Sleeper, D. Hedges, C. Cole

    Entrees: M. Wolfe, J. Østby, G. Metry

    Salad/Bread: L. Hajiantoni

    Dessert: K. Thomas

    Juice: L. Hajiantoni

    Clean-up: N. Østby, L. Kovacs, L. Hulsey

    Sub-Deacon: John David, Michael

    July 20: Vespers

    Sub-Deacon: Daniel

    July 21: 

    Altar bread: S. Shermock

    Greeter: J. Mount

    Lector: Sn. Michael

    Altar Boys: M. Wagner, A. Rowe, J. Dorr

    Entrees: Sh. Jeanine, R. Hedges, L. Rowe

    Salad/Bread: E. Ely

    Dessert: I. Sleeper

    Juice: M. Lardiero-Gorsuch

    Clean-up: G. Metry, C. Cundiff, E. Papp

    Sub-Deacon: Daniel, John David

    July 27: Vespers 

    Sub-Deacon: Michael

    July 28: 

    Altar bread: R. Hedges

    Greeter: P. Mak

    Lector: M. Barkley

    Altar Boys: T. Walker, E. Mount, I. Peterson

    Entrees: C. Anhari, P. Mak, G. Metry

    Salad/Bread: V. Marcum

    Dessert: L. Kovacs

    Juice: M Lunz

    Clean-up: P. Saleeb, B. Gumport, Sh. Jeanine

    Sub-Deacon: Michael, Daniel

  • August

    August 3: Vespers 

    Sub-Deacon: John David

    August 4: 

    Altar bread: C. Dorr

    Greeter: A. Tsegaye

    Lector: Kate Shermock

    Altar Boys: G. Gumport, J. Becker, P. Shaw

    Entrees: R. Dorsch, R. Ashworth, A. Caron

    Salad/Bread: S. Shermock

    Dessert: C. Hines

    Juice: C. Oren

    Clean-up: A. Tsegaye, W. Sleeper, G. Metry

    Sub-Deacon: John David, Michael

Download the monthly Stewardship calendar (.pdf) or the Sunday School teacher schedule for the entire school year (.pdf).  Note that these are static copies and the information on this web-page should be considered to be more accurate, as it is updated whenever swaps are made.