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Vacation Bible School 2006:
"Living in an Orthodox World"

'06 In Review

Even though we got off to a late start due to a flooded basement, we had a marvelous VBS program this year. The team did a fantastic job pulling off the task of incorporating the first day’s program into the remaining four days.

30 children signed up to participate from Holy Cross and St. Matthew parishes. Our actual participation level hovered around 28 for the week, so we did end up with a big group of kids. Luckily, with the combined efforts of both parishes, we also had many volunteers which helped immensely with implementing our program.

We used a curriculum called, “Living in an Orthodox World,” published by the Department of Religious Education of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. I think that part of our success this year was due to such a wonderful program. It was designed to teach kids the importance of a life centered around the worship services of the Church and prayer.

One of the most impressive crafts were the prayer ladders which each parish constructed. Each rung of the ladder illustrates a petition in the Great Litany. At the top of the ladder is an icon of Christ which is to remind us that prayer is a ladder to God. Each of the participants also took home an icon, a candle and prayer book to help them on the way to a life of prayer. Of course, we also made beautiful “T” shirts designed by Dr. Pat Disharoon.

Emily Lowe taught the children the finer points of liturgical music/singing. Fr. Duane from St. Matthew and Fr. Gregory from Four Evangelists each presided over a liturgical service for us. Our program would not have been possible at all without the help of the adult and Teen Volunteers who willingly sacrificed time and energy to help us. A big “thank you” to everyone involved:

Adult Volunteers

  • Matins Class Leader: Deborah Thomas
  • Hours Class Leader: Melissa Edens
  • Vespers Class Leader: Saydeh Karabatis
  • Music Cooridnator: Emily Lowe
  • Crafts Coordinator: Sue Shermock with Andrea Misner
  • Lunch/Snack Coordinator: Kathy Beaulac
  • Activities Coordinator: Dr. Pat Disharoon
  • All-purpose helpers: Rachel LeFors, Marina Geeva, Barli Brown, Amy Bazuzi, Ivonne

Teen Volunteers

  • Samira B.
  • Caroline B.
  • Eric R.
  • Smantha G.
  • Nick B.

Special Thanks

  • Father Duane and Father Gregory Czumak for assisting us with liturgical services this week.
  • Cal Oren for constructing our prayer ladders and Paul Hutcheson for the icon plaques.


VBS 2007

We will not be hosting a VBS program next year since most parishioners will be focusing quite a bit of energy on preparing and implementing next summer’s Parish Life Conference. Stay tuned to the year 2008 when, Lord willing, we will return with another wonderful program for our students!



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