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Parish Ministries

Parish ministries focus on building up our local church Body through the ministries listed below. Click the ministry title for details on that ministry, its leader and how you can participate!

  • Adult Education -
    ministry leaders: Reader Ben Anderson, Subdeacon Ephraim Roseland

    Holy Cross seeks to equip its parishioners to participate in the life of the Church and practice the metanoia prescribed by the Church in a number of ways, not the least of which is through Adult Education. Currently, there are three main components to this ministry. Read more »

  • Brotherhood of St. Joseph -
    ministry leader: Doug Ashworth, President; Jim Nee, Vice President

    The Patron Saint of the Brotherhood of Holy Cross Orthodox Church is St. Joseph, known among the Orthodox as “the Betrothed.” St. Joseph, whose name means “increases,” was the husband of Mary, the Virgin Mother of our Lord. By protecting Christ’s Holy Mother, our Patron ministered to the great mystery of God’s dispensation in the flesh. Like Joseph, the Brotherhood of Holy Cross is committed to ministering to the great mysteries of the Orthodox Faith. Read more »

  • Chanting Ministry -
    ministry leaders: Emily Lowe, Reader John David

    Chanting provides the congregation with a particular manner of worship. It also provides the chanter with a way of serving God and the community. In particular, the ministry of chanting —the study, the practice, and the singing— gives to the chanter a means of spiritual formation and growth, a path to humility, and an increasing knowledge of theology. Read more

  • Choir Ministry -
    ministry leader: Colleen Oren

    The ministry of the choir is (at least) twofold. First, it leads the congregation in singing and offering the liturgy to God; but second, it ministers to each individual who sings in the choir. Spending extra time learning the music means that we get to take a closer look at the message of each hymn, and as we try new musical settings for the texts we gain a new appreciation for their beauty. Read more »

  • Coffee Hour Ministry -
    ministry leader: Roxann Ashworth

    As is true in many Orthodox churches, meals are an important part of our Holy Cross family life. Everyone in the parish contributes to this ministry at some point in the year, whether it is by bringing a dish to share at the Parish picnic or the Annual meeting or by being a regular contributor to the meals each Sunday. Read more »

  • Orthodox Young Adults -
    ministry leader: Greg Coogan

    Orthodox Young Adults (Orthofriends) was founded in September 2001 and has met more or less monthly ever since. Loosely conceived as a group of young adults (age being self-defined) who are either Orthodox or interested in Orthodoxy, we meet to socialize, share a meal and discuss important subjects relating to the Orthodox faith. Read more »

  • Parish Council -
    ministry leaders: Cal Oren, Chair; Dr. Pat Disharoon, Vice Chair

    The Parish Council is composed of lay leaders, half of whom are elected from the Parish as a whole, and half of whom are appointed by the Pastor. Normal length of service for members is three years. Elections are held during the annual Parish meeting the last Saturday in January. Within the Council, oversight and coordination for various Parish ministries is distributed annually to various Council members. Read more »

  • Pastoral Care -
    ministry leader: Holly Hamilos

    At differing times many friends and parishioners of Holy Cross are unable to participate in the full life of the Church due to illnesses and other circumstances. For some, the only contact they may have with our local Body is the visits they receive from our parishioners and clergy. Read more »

  • Sisterhood of St. Nina -
    ministry leader: Sh. Ina O’Dell

    The Antiochian Women at Holy Cross Orthodox Church in Linthicum, Maryland, are known as the Sisterhood of St. Nina. All women of the parish are considered members, and no individual dues are assessed. The Sisterhood normally meets at 9:00am on the first Saturday of the month for a potluck breakfast. Read more »

  • Sunday School Ministry -
    ministry leader: Dr. Pat Disharoon

    All children three and older are invited to attend Sunday School immediately following Liturgy. The adults are asked to allow the children and teachers to venerate the Cross first, so they can get their lunch and take it to the Sunday School building for opening exercises. Middle and High School students should eat their food in the parish hall and not plan to eat their food in Father Gregory’s home during Sunday School. Read more »

  • Vacation Bible School -
    ministry leader: Laura Nee

    Seasonal… Read more »

  • Youth Ministry -
    ministry leaders: Youth Ministry Team

    The youth ministry hosts monthly youth group meetings for Middle School and High School youth and small Orthodox Bible studies known as discipleship groups. Led by Orthodox adults under the direction of Father Gregory, the discipleship groups give the youth an opportunity to be personally mentored in small, gender-separate and age-specific groups as they strive to apply the Orthodox Faith to their daily lives. Read more »



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