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Sh. Ina O’Dell

Ina O’Dell was appointed to the presidency of the Holy Cross chapter of the Antiochian Women by Fr. Gregory soon after the O’Dells arrival in Maryland in 1996.

She also serves as the parish secretary, head of the floral team, and current President of the regional Antiochian Women for the Diocese of NY and the Diocese of Oakland and the East.

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Project Linus

What is ‘Project Linus’?

Project Linus is a ministry in which the Sisterhood participates each year, in tandem with projectlinus.org. Named after Linus of “Peanuts” fame, who was always seen toting a blanket, this ministry involves making and distributing quilts and blankets for sick children in hospitals, cancer wards, and other treatment centers. We like to make quilts with fabric that boys (especially older boys) would like; they are often a forgotten group, but are sick just as frequently as little girls. Often, mothers of the recipients are moved enough by the ministry to write and thank us for our efforts; blankets are small things, but they show compassion and bring joy.

What is Needed?

We need ‘blanketeers!’ Almost any new blanket of any size or material can be used: knit, crochet, no-sew fleece, traditional or tied quilt. The Holy Cross Sisterhood has made tied quilts and no-sew fleece blankets, and we watch for sales on fabrics and batting throughout the year to make our blankets and quilts. In past years we have also received calls from area knitters and crocheters who have given us their year’s worth of quilts to donate along with ours.

How Can I Participate?

Project Linus is a year-round ministry. The Sisterhood generally crafts and delivers any new blankets to our Anne Arundel county PL representative at the beginning of each calendar year, but you can give blankets at any time by contacting the Chapter Coordinator for your area. If you would like to have Sh. Ina add your blanket to her delivery at the end of January, please provide her with your gift prior to that time.



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