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Outreach Ministries

Outreach ministries focus the parishioners on the needs of the larger local community and our archdiocese. These ministries are listed below. Click the ministry title for details on that ministry, it’s leader and how you can participate!

  • Outreach Mission and Overview -
    ministry leader: Dcn. Mark O’Dell

    The mission of Holy Cross’ Outreach Ministries is to provide parishioners of all ages with opportunities to learn to help others, reflect the love of Christ in our dealings with others in our community and strive to make outreach a part of our daily lives. Holy Cross’ Outreach Ministry will extend to those in our local community, the broader metropolitan Baltimore community and to those in need throughout the world. Read more »

  • Archdiocese Giving -
    the order of st. ignatius

    Throughout the year, you have the chance to support seminarians, Special Olympics activities, missionaries, orphanages, patriarchal needs, various food-for-the-hungry programs as announced at the parish. But you can be even more involved by becoming a contributing member of The Order. Read more »

  • Baby Supplies (Crisis Pregnancy Center) -
    ministry leader: Paul Hutchenson

    Holy Cross assists Pregnancy Center West, a crisis pregnancy center located on Frederick Road in Baltimore Md., through the the clothing you drop off in the Narthex. Founded in 1983, they exist ‘to provide pregnant women with a community where alternatives to abortion are available and they operate as a non-sectarian organization to develop and administer programs and to provide facilities to assist women experiencing crisis pregnancies.’ Read more »

  • Baltimore City Homeless -
    ministry leader: Reader Ben Anderson

    The downtown Grace & Hope Mission, located at 4 S. Gay St. , opens their doors to the homeless on all nights except Wednesday and Saturday from 7:30 - 8:30 PM for services. In addition to hymn singing and hearing preaching, the homeless are invited to pray and/or talk with the guest speaker or ladies after the service, and meals are served either in the building (on cold nights) or in lunch bags as people leave the facility. Read more »

  • Food Basket (NCEON) -
    ministry leader: Jim Nee

    Have you ever wondered where the food you leave in the food-basket goes? It goes to the "food pantry" at NCEON, the North County Emergency Outreach Network. Located in the heart of Glen Burnie, NCEON (pronounced ‘neon’ with a silent ‘C’) comprises more than 36 churches and 6 civic organizations and ministers to people in Holy Cross’ immediate area: Glen Burnie, Linthicum, Hanover, Pasadena, and Severn. They were established in 1989 and since then have distributed over $2.5 million in food and funds to those in need. Read more »

  • Food Kitchen (Our Daily Bread) -
    ministry leader: Emily Lowe

    Our Daily Bread is the name of a soup kitchen in Baltimore that serves one hot meal a day, between 10 AM and 2 PM, to the city’s poor and homeless. It is staffed and run entirely by volunteers, primarily of the Catholic Charities organization. This ministry was viewed as so important by Pope John Paul II that he cancelled a number of items on his agenda during his visit to Baltimore so he could meet the workers at Our Daily Bread! After having a hot meal, guests are given a bag lunch to take with them. Our Daily Bread also has an active food pantry, which distributes canned goods to the poor and homeless throughout the week. Read more »

  • Project Linus -
    ministry leader: Sh. Ina O’Dell

    Project Linus is a ministry in which the Sisterhood participates each year, in tandem with www.projectlinus.org. Named after Linus of Peanuts fame, who was always seen toting a blanket, this ministry involves making and distributing quilts and blankets for sick children in hospitals, cancer wards, and other treatment centers. We like to make quilts with fabric that boys (especially older boys) would like; they are often a forgotten group, but are sick just as frequently as little girls. Often, mothers of the recipients are moved enough by the ministry to write and thank us for our efforts; blankets are small things, but they show compassion and bring joy. Read more »

  • Radio Reading for the Blind -
    ministry leader: Sh. Ina O’Dell

    Several Holy Cross parishioners and friends have shown an interest in lending their voices to reading and recording Orthodox books for the visually impaired among us. While the interest remains strong, several foreseeable challenges remain in place. For the time being, please direct any questions about this ministry and its current status to Sh. Ina. Read more »



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