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Ben Anderson

Ben Anderson is a member of the Holy Cross parish council on the Evangelism and Adult Education teams. He converted to Orthodoxy in 2000 and has since completed the St. Stephen’s House of Studies courses in Orthodox Theology. He has been involved in ministries to the street people of Baltimore since 1987.

Baltimore City Homeless

The Grace and Hope organization is a Protestant group of women who are unmarried and celibate and live in a somewhat monastic fashion. Nearly all of them are over 80 years old. They invite guest speakers to minister to the homeless.

The downtown Grace & Hope Mission, located at 4 S. Gay St., opens their doors to the homeless on all nights except Wednesday and Saturday from 7:30 - 8:30 PM for services. In addition to hymn singing and hearing preaching, the homeless are invited to pray and/or talk with the guest speaker or ladies after the service, and meals are served either in the building (on cold nights) or in lunch bags as people leave the facility.

Anyone wishing to come to the mission should come prepared to see anything! Many of the homeless have varying diseases and conditions, many are very dirty, etc. On occasion, fights have broken out. This is not a place for young people unaccompanied by an adult; even adults should be fully aware of their surroundings. Additionally, a participant from Holy Cross should be prepared to listen to the stories of the homeless and to love and point them to Christ and His Church for help, mercy and salvation.

If you choose to participate, then go to plant seeds, make sandwiches, listen to and pray for the homeless.



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